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About Me

People who are familiar with Canadian photography, particularly of the outdoors, may recognize the name David Koonar from Windsor. In Windsor, Ontario, and across Canada, he has established himself as a well-known photographer. Koonar is one of Windsor's most sought-after photographers, because to his traditional training and the years of experience he's gained through hard work and practice.

Focus on Design Education in the Early Years

David Koonar was drawn to design from the beginning of his career as a photographer. For Kooner, photography was a way to capture the beauty and technical presentation of both man-made and natural design as it appeared through the lens. It's true that technology has changed and progressed over time, but the foundation of Koonar's design-based photography hasn't altered one bit. Digital modification, editing, augmentation, and much more is now feasible, yet David still appreciates the beauty of simple photographs, especially those taken in nature. Software can't replicate these features no matter how well the coding is done behind the computer screen.

Thought Experiments

For David Koonar of Windsor, the inspiration for his visualizations comes from the stories he tells. With these elements in place, he can use his camera and skill to produce professional results, but they're only the beginning of the creative process. Koonar is often in the right place at the right time to catch and freeze a real-life movie as it's already in progress. David Koonar's exhibited work may be seen on Instagram and other social media platforms, where he has a large following. If you've ever wondered why David Koonar is so in demand for new photography projects after seeing his work in the millions, you're not alone.

It's all about mechanical know-how

Photographic technique is still a vital part of the art form, and Koonar frequently demonstrates this point with newer photographers. When it comes to photography, David Koonar prefers to take control of the camera manually rather than rely on the camera's automatic settings. This is because he has the skill, knowledge, and ability to understand the results of different settings and when to use them for maximum effect and photograph quality. In Koonar's view, if an image-maker does not have this level of awareness, they are not attaining authentic photography. What actually sets a skilled photographer apart from the masses of amateurs is their ability to consistently produce consistently high-quality photographs that can only be achieved via the deliberate application of settings rather than relying on a sometimes incorrect computer auto-setting.


Future Predicted Results

According to David Koonar's predictions for the future, technology will continue to generate incredible tools that weren't even imaginable just a couple of years ago. Even as this trend continues, he expects that the number of photographers who actually know how to operate their equipment manually will continue to decline. Koonar doesn't believe that photography will suddenly disappear. As technology progresses, it continues to alter and evolve. Yet a distinct divide will be drawn between individuals who have trained and honed their manual camera knowledge, such as Windsor's David Koonar, and those who simply press buttons. And, as Koonar points out, the difference will be evident in photography.


Even though he has a studio in Windsor, Koonar continues to commit himself to his craft there, surrounded by the beauty of the surrounding countryside. At the very least, Koonar's photographic output is consistently stunning, as if he's doing it for the sheer joy of it.